Base Metal Jewelry :

In our collection, we have wide range of Silver Plated and Oxidized Jewelry. In Silver Plaiting, we have Necklaces, Caps, Bras, Belly Belts, Panty, Jackets, Kads, Cuffs, Arm's Bands, Palm Bracelets, Anklets and Snake Chains. This jewellery is also famous for belly dances.The set of cap, necklace, bra, panty, belly belt, jacket, palm-bracelet, hair clips and anklets are adorned for beach dances on carnivals and other ceremonies. In Oxidized Jewelry, we have vide range of necklaces, kadas, cuffs, arm's band, belly belts, bracelets, hair clips and anklets.

We can adopt all base metal jewelry as per requirements of the customer.

Sterling Silver Jewelry :

We offer a whole variety of amazingly beautiful Silver Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets and Rings. All these items are made by hand - using semi-precious stones on silver surface that enhances the beauty of the jewelry making it a prized possession.

In our assemblage of Necklaces, there are various designs and finishes. Semi-precious stones, such as Garnet, Amethyst, Golden Topaz, Smoky Topaz, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Iolite, Rainbow and Moonstone have been used. A combination of ornate and sleek designs makes a good collection to target a particular market segment.

Presenting a choicest range of elegant Bracelets. There are sleek and sensual designs that perfectly complement sophisticated attires. The trendy designs are meant for the young and stylish customers. The use of premium quality metal and semi-precious stones makes them objects d' art.

We offer exquisite Rings in a variety of styles and designs. The painstakingly carved Rings with intricate designs have become a hit in the international fashion market. The rings are studded with semi-precious stones that add to their appeal. Every ring in our wide collection makes a statement in fashion.

The appearance of beautifully designed Pendants have been enhanced by studding them with semi-precious stones, such as Garnet, Amethyst, Golden Topaz, Smoky Topaz, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Iolite, Rainbow and Moonstone. The Pendants represent the India's heritage of traditional jewelry making.

Our fascinating collection of Earrings stands apart in terms of appeal and elegance. Made of premium quality metal, the Earrings are finished to perfection and studded with different semi-precious stones. The traditional designs make these earrings absolutely distinct.

Semi-precious Stone Jewelry :

We have a good collection of Necklaces, Bracelets, Bands, Earrings and endless strings of various gemstones. Our jewelry makes wonderful fashion accessories, and with the wide range of colors to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit every outfit and mood. Gemstones are also widely used for their healing properties.

Lack Meena Jewelry :

Our collection of unique lac Meena jewelry carries a touch of class and richness. Every single product in this collection is exclusive and depicts the unique craftsmanship. Our wide range includes a variety of Necklace sets and Bangles. These are the most sought after items among the fashion conscious generation of today .The valuable and lavishing necklaces sets and bangles are elegantly carved and finished with utmost attention on each detail.

Beads & Findings :

We supply a large selection of Beads and Jewelry Findings. We have different types of beads of silver, brass, semi-precious, copper and large variety of findings in Sterling Silver and Base Metal along with the wire in Sterling Silver and Base Metal (Both silver and brass plated in all sizes).

Wooden Crafts :
The workmanship that goes into making these items involves a treasure trove of talent and patience. The harmonious blend of fine quality wood and extraordinary skills creates pieces that would satisfy any art lover or avid collector of exquisite Wood Crafts. Intricately made, the figures of Gods as well as those of animals are a hit in the international market.


We have an exclusive range of Wax Cotton cord that is packed in spool packing. There are more than 50 colors available and the company can also color the  cord as per the buyer's choice.
Sizes : 0.5 mm to 5 mm